Summer Camp

Summertime is a special time of discovery and adventure for children. Nature is in full bloom. Normal routines are on pause. The days are long and full of possibilities.

Kid's Camp Summit, New Jersey
Designed by our teachers, every week is a new theme that promises lots of adventure, fun and learning.
Water Play!
Week 1, June 19: Splashy fun is planned for this week! Campers will discover the many properties of water as they manipulate it with sponges, pipes, straws and buckets! Experiments with volume, cause and effect, and buoyancy will lead to some wet, wet fun outside with our water tables and sprinklers! Our Special Guest this week will be Muscle Man Mike and his puppet friend Pirate Pete will help our campers learn all the ways water is important for good hygiene through songs, stories and a bit of magic!
Let's Get Cooking!
Week 2, June 26Our chefs will learn about ingredients and discuss the changes that occur during the cooking process. Texture, consistency and state of matter will all be observed as our chefs make a variety of kid friendly foods.  Apple dumplings and fruit smoothies are consistently camp favorites and a requested each year by our returning campers! 
Red, White and Blue! (3-day week)
Week 3, July 5: The Independence Day celebration will continue! Activities will include red, white and blue art, creating our own firework pictures, flags and a picnic! Reduced tuition this week, camp is closed Monday, July 3rd & Tuesday, July 4th in celebration of Independence.
Space Exploration!
Week 4, July 10Our space explorers will learns about planets, space exploration and travel! Excavating artifacts from space ice, building a space vehicle from recyclables and searching for aliens will all be part of our week! A storyteller will join us and use balloon sculptures to take us on an astronaut’s adventure!
Construction 101!
Week 5, July 17Building, building everywhere! Our campers will take walking trips to explore the architecture of buildings in Summit. They will identify shapes, colors and unique features and use those as inspiration to create their own buildings using blocks and other unique materials. Watch out for the construction vehicles!
Wild, Wild West!
Week 6, July 24Cowboy Ronnie will join us for an old fashioned sing-a-long! Our campers will dress-up as cowboys/ girls, as the discover life in the west. They will investigate plants and animals that live in that part of the country, as well as, conduct an imaginary cattle drive!
Rolling Through Summer!
Week 7, July 31Campers will explore balls of all shapes, sizes and types! We will create art, conduct science experiments and of course play games all using balls. What does the inside of a ping pong, tennis or bouncy ball have inside? Can you paint with a basketball? A juggler will join us as our special guest!
Creepy Crawlers!
Week 8, August 7:  A Big Bug Party will be coming to visit! We will spend the week exploring the insects that live in our backyard and around the world.  We learn about the many different insects that we share the earth with and why they are so important.
Celebrating Summer!
Week 9, August 14A sampling of some of our favorite activities: water play, crafts, planets, insects and a make your own pizza party are a sample of what will happen our final week of camp.
Summer Camp Summit, New Jersey