Enrolling Now for Summer 2021!

Summer Camp at Cornerstone

A Summer Day Camp for ages 2 ½ to 6 years old.
Held at Cornerstone School
561 Springfield Avenue
Summit, NJ
(908) 277-4400

Summer Camp at Cornerstone School, Summit New Jersey

Summertime is a special time of discovery and adventure for children. Nature is in full bloom. Normal routines are on pause. 

That is why a STEAM-based summer experience is the perfect way to spend a summer day. 

We will use Creative Curriculum®  to support our summertime adventures and whole-child approach!

We spend lots of time on our shaded playground enjoying all summer has to offer.

Led by our school year staff!

Our summer camp is particularly unique because the Creative Curriculum will support each three-week study.  Our whole-child approach will allow our campers to lead the exploration of each study. Our teachers have put as much attention to detail into our summer program as they do to our school-year curriculum. And many of our teachers will be here over the summer!

Limited Space - Small class sizes

Cornerstones class pods have been keeping our students and staff safe this year. We will continue to have small groups of children who will remain with their assigned staff throughout the day. 

Explorers      - our youngest campers (12 max)

Adventurers  - the middle age group (15 max)

Trailblazers   - our oldest campers. (15 max)

Our camp is for children 2 1/2 to 6 years old.

Enrollment Options

All campers attend Monday-Friday. 

Hours: 9 am -1 pm, or 9 am -3 pm

Before care available at 8 am.

We will offer aftercare to 5:30 if COVID guidance changes.

Enroll by March 12th for $50 off per session. Discounts still apply!

Discount if you enroll for multiple sessions. 

  • If you enroll in two sessions, 10% off the 2nd session (calculated on the lesser-priced session)
  • If you enroll in three sessions, 10% off the 2nd session and 20% off the 3rd session (applied to the least expensive session).

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Three Sessions

Session 1

June 14 - July 2
Water, Water, Everywhere!

Young children are naturally curious about water. They want to play and explore as they wash their hands. They love to jump in a puddle and are mesmerized by flowing water. They wonder what happens to ice cubes when they melt.

Water is used every day and can be found almost everywhere in the world. Water is essential to life! During this session, children will discover the many important ways water is used at home and at camp. They will investigate how water changes and how it helps people and the environment. They will explore a variety of questions and concepts through hands-on experiences.

Session 2

July 6 -July 23 (4 day week)
Rolling Through Summer

The world runs on wheels! Wheels are all around us: from tires and Ferris wheels to strollers and rolling pins. Children love playing with wheels. They love to make things spin or push them along. We will help our campers expand their understanding of wheels during this session and all they do beyond the tires on a car or bike. Our campers learn how forces such as speed affect wheels,  the physical attributes of different types of wheels, and experiment using wheels in different ways. They will explore a variety of questions and concepts through hands-on experiences.

Session 3

July 26 - August 13
Beautiful Bugs! 
Most children are fascinated by insect’s colors, shapes, movements, and behaviors. Children delight in watching butterflies flutter from flower to flower or a trail of ants marching towards a tasty snack, always wanting a closer look. Insects are everywhere! In this session, our campers will explore different types of insects and their characteristics. They will learn how insects work together, how they keep themselves safe, and how they help the environment. We will examine insect habitats, look for what they are eating in our garden, and carefully capture a few for closer observation. They will explore a variety of questions and concepts through hands-on experiences.

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*Early Registration Rates apply only to classes registered before March 12th.
Any classes registered after March 12th are not eligible for Early Registration Rates.

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