Summer Camp at Cornerstone

A Summer Day Camp for ages 2 ½ to 6 years old.
Held at Cornerstone School
561 Springfield Avenue
Summit, NJ
(908) 277-4400

Summer Camp at Cornerstone School, Summit New Jersey

Summertime is a special time of discovery and adventure for children. Nature is in full bloom. Normal routines are on pause. 

That is why a STEAM based summer experience is the perfect way to spend a summer day. 

Designed by our teachers, every week is a new theme that promises lots of adventure, fun and learning.

We spend lots of time on our shaded playground enjoying all summer has to offer.

Led by our school year staff!

Our summer camp is particularly unique because every weekly theme has been carefully designed around a curriculum. Our teachers have put as much attention to detail into our summer program as they do to our school-year curriculum. And many of our teachers will be here over the summer! Special Guests will join us throughout summer camp!

Weeklong Adventures

Each week our camp theme will highlight experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math! Hands-on learning through making and tinkering will be our focus. Check out the descriptions and pick your weeks or joins us for the whole summer.  Pick your weeks and choose from three length of day schedules! Early drop off is available.

Please contact the school directly at (908) 277-4400 as there are limited spaces available.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

Weekly Class Descriptions

Week 1

June 17
Let's Get Cooking

Cornerstone School is filled with delicious aroma’s floating around the school during our first week in camp. Throughout the week our chefs will be exploring the science behind cooking. They will learn how ingredients, once manipulated through mixing and/or change of temperature, change during the cooking process. Texture, consistency, and state of matter will all be observed as our chefs make a variety of kid- friendly foods. Apple dumplings and fruit smoothies are consistently camp favorites and requested each year by our returning campers. Muscle Man Mike will bring his friend Baseball Bobby for a magic filled show about nutrition and exercise.

Week 2

June 24
Music Makers
Do you hear what I hear? On our second week of camp, our campers dance to the beat of their very own self-created instruments while simultaneously taking care of our environment by using recycled materials. Campers will immerse themselves into various genres of music, discover how sound travels and investigate the effects of vibrations. We will dance, sing and create with music as our inspiration. Singer and songwriter Big Jeff will entertain us with a camp-wide song fest.

Week 3

July 1 (short week)
Red, White & Blue!
It’s the United States’ Birthday!! Our Independence Day celebration activities will include red, white and blue art like color mixing and using varied tools to create fireworks on paper. Our all camp picnic will take place on Wednesday! Reduced tuition this week, camp is closed Thursday, July 4th & Friday, July 5th in celebration of Independence Day!

Week 4

July 8
Digging Up Dinos
STOMP, STOMP, ROOARR!!  Children are natural Paleontologists! Our campers will discover what life was like when Dinosaurs roamed the earth. It is a fascinating experience for the campers as they discover how large some of these Dinosaurs really were. They will explore size through activities including experimenting with how many of them can stand in a sauropods’ footprint. Fossil digs in the sand box and making our own “dino” foot prints are just a sample of the activities planned! Dinosaurs Rock will kick off the week. Our campers will interact with life size fossils and go on a dig of their own!

Week 5

July 15
Creepy Crawlers
A "Big Bug Party" will be coming to visit! We will spend the week exploring the insects that live in our back yard and around the world. We learn about the many different insects that we share the earth with and spend time learning from how they engineer their homes.

Week 6

July 22
Force & Motion
This is a week of whys? Why does everything fall down? Why do objects roll downhill? Why did my toy car not make it across the carpet? We will explore the laws of motion and force at a preschool level by building our own marble runs, water wheels and more. A juggler named Lee will demonstrate many of these laws in actions this week!

Week 7

July 29
Exploring the Galaxies
Our space explores will learns about planets, space exploration and travel! Excavating artifacts from space ice, building a space vehicle from recyclables and searching for aliens will all be part of our week! storyteller will join us and use balloon sculptures to take us on an astronaut’s adventure!

Week 8

August 5
Da Vinci
Our budding artist will discover the intersection where art and engineering collide. So much of art is based on design, pattern, engineering, creativity and wondering what if? We look forward to exploring it all just like Da Vinci! We will use a spin art station to experiment with color, motion and what if?

Week 9

August 12
Celebrating Summer!
Summer camp has come to an end, and it’s time to Celebrate all the fun experiences we had. A sampling of some of our favorite activities: water play, crafts, gardening, music and a make your own pizza party are a sample of what will happen our final week of camp. Mother Goof will join us for an interactive puppet and magic show on Thursday!

Submit your application by March 11 for special Early Registration Tuition!*

*Early Registration Rates apply only to classes registered before March 11th.
Any classes registered after March 11 are not eligible for Early Registration Rates.

Please contact the school directly at (908) 277-4400 as there are limited spaces available.