Our Facilities

“Warm, welcoming, bright, natural light.”

Those are words often used to describe Cornerstone the first time someone enters our building. Thoughtful choices have been made throughout the building to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our young learners.


Your child’s safety is a priority. Therefore, our entrances are locked and monitored by security cameras. Although attached to Christ Church, there is no unmonitored access to the school during our operational hours. In addition, our families create personal identification codes for any person allowed to drop off or pick up their child.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

We follow clear guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing classrooms – including
frequently touched surfaces and toys – throughout the day and in the evening.
Above and beyond the health and safety requirements for any licensed program, we have air scrubbers in every classroom. The air scrubbers we use have the same technology used on the space station destroying both surface and airborne contaminants.

First Aid, CPR, AED, and Anaphylaxis

Every Cornerstone staff member is CPR, first-aid certified and AED certified. In addition, every staff member has been trained to recognize the signs of anaphylaxis. All staff must meet or exceed state-mandated educational requirements and pass thorough background checks to ensure safety for all.


Our large, shaded, fenced playground contains updated equipment specifically designed for children 2-6. Along with multiple pieces of climbing equipment, an outdoor play kitchen, sandbox, stage, and building blocks enhance the environment. If the weather is inclement, we have an indoor play space where children can still practice their large motor skills with balls, scooters, and parachutes.


We use the Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale to guide the physical arraignment of our classrooms. Our classroom furniture, materials, and learning centers support active, hands-on learning and are of the highest quality.


Cornerstone School uses integrated technology in our classroom. For example, all interactive tables, tablets, or software directly link to our curriculum and assessment tools. In addition, our staff has used technology to virtually connect our families to the classroom as storytellers, project leaders, topic experts and to celebrate a child’s birthday.


Cornerstone has recently added a restroom to our existing facilities. All bathrooms have child-size toilets and sinks. Our restrooms are sanitized between classes.

Art & Music Room

We have a separate classroom for art and music. Our students have space to explore a variety of mediums during art or move to the beat during music class.