Summer Camp

Summer Camp at Cornerstone

A Summer Day Camp for ages 2 ½ to 6 years old.

Information and Camp Application coming soon!

Held at Cornerstone School
561 Springfield Avenue
Summit, NJ
(908) 277-4400

Explorinarium Summer Camp

Summertime is a special time of discovery and adventure for children. Nature is in full bloom. Normal routines are on pause. 

That is why a STEAM-based summer experience is the perfect way to spend a summer day. 

We will use Creative Curriculum®  to support our summertime adventures and whole-child approach!

We spend lots of time on our shaded playground enjoying all summer has to offer. Our campers use the resources our vibrant community has to offer to enhance the curriculum by going on walking field trips throughout the summer. These trips may include walks through the neighborhood, downtown or to a local park.

Led by our school year staff!

Our summer camp is particularly unique because the Creative Curriculum will support each three-week study.  Our whole-child approach will allow our campers to lead the exploration of each study. Our teachers have put as much attention to detail into our summer program as they do to our school-year curriculum. And many of our teachers will be here over the summer!

Limited Space – Small class sizes

Cornerstones class pods have been keeping our students and staff safe this year. We will continue to have small groups of children who will remain with their assigned staff throughout the day. 

Explorers      – our youngest campers (12 max)

Adventurers  – the middle age group (15 max)

Trailblazers    – our oldest campers. (15 max)

Our camp is for children 2 1/2 to 6 years old.

Enrollment Options

Kids at camp

All Cornerstone Programs are 5 days per week

Before Care starting at 8AM
After Care 3PM to 4PM

9AM – 1PM Program Day
9AM – 3PM Extended Care
(includes rest period)

We will offer aftercare to 5:30 if COVID guidance changes.

Enroll by March 11th for $50 off per session. Discounts still apply!

Discount if you enroll for multiple sessions. 

  • If you enroll in two sessions, 10% off the 2nd session (calculated on the lesser-priced session)
  • If you enroll in three sessions, 10% off the 2nd session and 20% off the 3rd session (applied to the least expensive session).

Three Sessions

Kids gardening

Session 1

June 13- July 1
Music Making

We are closed Monday, June 20th – Juneteenth

From a very young age, children show interest in the sounds around them. They demonstrate their enjoyment by smiling, clapping, and bouncing. Children soon realize they can make music on their own. They sing or strike objects to make noises. They love to perform simple songs shared by their caregivers.

Our musical campers will explore what instruments they can play by hitting, tapping, or shaking. In addition, they will explore other musical instruments and who plays them while exploring a variety of musical genres. We will have an outdoor Special Guest- Cowboy Ronnie.

Session 2

July 5- July 22
Boxes- It’s NOT a BOX!

We are closed Monday, July 4th – Independence day

Boxes are endlessly fascinating to young children. Boxes often hold the attention of young children longer than the toy inside. Open-ended and plain boxes are no match for children’s imaginations. The possibilities are endless.

Have your camper join us to explore what we can do with boxes and how they are made! We will explore their characteristics, which jobs involve boxes, and how we move them. We will be looking for donations of boxes of all sizes!

Session 3

July 25-August 12
Tubes & Tunnels! 

Tubes and Tunnels are all around us. Children interact with them daily. Practically – squeezing toothpaste, drinking from a straw, or playfully shouting into the tunnel slide to hear their voice change.

Have your camper join us to explore the characteristics of tubes and tunnels and where we find them. They will also explore how we use them and how we can make them. Can we make sound with tubes and tunnels? Let’s find out together! Special guest to be announced!

Submit your application by March 11 for special Early Registration Tuition!*

*Early Registration Rates apply only to classes registered before March 11th. Any classes registered after March 11th are not eligible for Early Registration Rates.

Apply online soon as there are limited spaces available.

Camp Fees

Kids on swingset


A non-refundable enrollment deposit equal to $150 times the number of sessions registered in is due at the time of application and will be credited against your final tuition payment. All fees paid are non refundable. No placement can be made without receipt of deposit.

Full Tuition for Session 1 enrollment is due on May 1st. The remaining balance for Sessions 2 & 3 is due on June 1st. Any enrollment received after June 1st is paid in full with application.

Please note that in an effort to keep our tuition rates low for all of our students, we will be passing the card processing fee along to those that choose to pay via credit card for the balance of tuition (not on the application fee).  The rate from our credit card processor is roughly 3%.

Checks may be made payable to Cornerstone School of Summit. Credit Card processing fees are waived only for applications. If you are an existing student that pays with direct debit usually, we will default to that method of payment. 

If your child is placed in the waiting pool, your deposit will be returned to you. In all other cases, all fees paid are non-refundable.

Early Registration Discount is $50 per session. Only sessions registered for prior to March 11 are eligible for this discount and any sessions added afterwards does not receive this discount.

Additional Discount if you enroll for multiple sessions: 

  • If you enroll in two sessions, 10% off the 2nd session (calculated on the lesser-priced session)
  • If you enroll in three sessions, 10% off of the 2nd session and 20% off the 3rd session (applied to the least expensive session).

Select the Programs You Wish

Fees For Session 1 & 2

Fees are based on the length of time your child or children spend with us. Early drop off is available for an additional fee.

  • 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM $770 (Register before 3/11 $720)
  • 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM $885 (Register before 3/11 $835)
  • Early Drop Off Fee $85
  • After Care Fee $85

Fees For Session 3

Reduced session due to holidays.

  • 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM $825 (Register before 3/11 $775)
  • 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM $945 (Register before 3/11 $895)
  • Early Drop Off Fee $90
  • After Care Fee $90