Students must be 4 years old by September 30th

Our Pre-K class fosters student creativity, independence, and social development. This is accomplished through age-appropriate opportunities to practice self-reliance and self-regulation skills. The class day is structured to include activities geared toward independent learning, as well as, small and large group instruction. In Pre-K we believe that a socially prepared student will flourish in kindergarten having benefited from our balance of open-ended exploration, academic exposure, and positive social interactions. 

Pre-Schoolers playing

Through the use of the Creative Curriculum®️, a student’s day will include reading readiness, math, science and social studies using manipulatives, investigation, experimentation and creative expression.  

Students in the Pre-K class use the resources of our vibrant community has to offer to enhance the curriculum by going on several field trips throughout the year. These include local walking trips as well as trips off campus. Our trips include visits to the library, fire station, park, apple orchard and a local playhouse.

All of our teachers keep anecdotal records and work sample portfolios on every student. Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year where teacher provide detailed information regarding a students development.

Our teachers are in communication with our families frequently through daily emails containing pictures and highlights of their child’s day.

All Cornerstone Programs are 5 days per week

Before Care starting at 8AM
9AM – 1PM Program Day
9AM – 3PM Extended Care (includes rest period)

Aftercare available