Our Play-Based Curriculum

"I used to be a preschool teacher in the city, so I had some expectations. My experience as a teacher, this age the most important way for them to learn is through play, dramatic play and any other type of play that shows what they’re interested in, and then they feed off of that. They’re not sitting them down at desks and drilling facts into them. Everything that they learn is through fun, through craft, through stories and through acting things out." -Lisa F.

Children learn about themselves and the world around them through interactions with peers and adults. At Cornerstone children are encouraged to pursue their own interests while being introduced to new concepts and materials using the Creative Curriculum®️.

The classroom community is a doorway to the global  community as children gain experience with other cultures and traditions through stories, songs, and cooperative activities.

Cornerstone is a place where all families are respected and the breadth of our collective experience is honored. Cornerstone teachers are skilled in using a play-based developmentally appropriate approach to early education. Classrooms and materials are invitations to play, as play is the how children learn.

Our experienced teacher’s scaffold individual student learning in academic areas but know that children’s social/emotional and physical development are also important for later school success. Our low teacher-student ratio allows for small group and individual instruction during the class day. A strong home – school connection is fostered when parents join us to read stories, cook or share in some way.

Examples of Play-Based Curriculum in Action

  • Literature comes to life through interactive songs and drama.
  • Children's drawings become the foundation for storytelling and emerging writing.
Cornerstone School Art Classes

  • Building structures with unit blocks fosters critical thinking about fractions and mathematical patterns.
  • Children learn to cope with real-world experiences through dramatic play and dress-up.
cornerstone school cirriculum

  • Immersion in music, art and movement provides a creative outlet for children's self-expression.