Tuition Schedule


Cornerstone School offers flexible tuition payment options. Annual tuition may be paid..

  • in full by July 1st preceding the start of school, 
  • two payments due July 1st - 60% and December 1st – 40%, 
  • three payments due July 1st -40%, October 1st -30% and January 1st -30% or
  • nine payments -  20% of tuition is due by July 1st, and the remaining payments due by the 1st of every month from August through March. 

You will indicate your payment option when returning your signed contract. If no option is indicated, your default plan will be the 3 payment plan.

Cornerstone offers a 10% sibling discount when the children are enrolled concurrently.  

Program Choices and Rates

                                                                        Annual Tuition for our September 2017 to June 2018 Program 

Program Choices 9AM - 11:30AM 9AM - 1PM 9AM - 3PM 9AM - 5:30PM
Nursery program @ 2 days/week $3,490 $4,050 $4,570 $5,270
Nursery program @ 3 days/week $4,780 $5,900 $6,850 $8,160
Nursery program @ 4 days/week $6,080 $7,060 $8,270 $9,860
Nursery program @ 5 days/week $7,390 $8,070 $9,750 $11,100
Pre-K program @ 3 days/week   $5,660 $6,760 $8,090
Pre-K program @ 4 days/week   $6,830 $8,190 $9,790
Pre-K program @ 5 days/week   $8,020 $9,690 $11,100
K-Prep program @ 4 days/week   $6,880 $8,240 $9,840
K-Prep program @ 5 days/week   $8,070 $9,740 $11,100
Kindergarten program @ 5 days/week     $10,400 $11,100


"We’ve been pleased with the facilities, and were happy that the playground was recently redeveloped. The children love it. It’s nice to have dedicated spaces for art and music and other activities, as well."
-Adrienne L.

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Additional Fees

The following payments are due at the time of application along with your signed contract:

$175 Materials Fee
$100 Tuition Deposit
$50 Registration Fee

Early drop-off is available from 8:00AM.  Pricing depends upon the number of days per week your child is enrolled.  2 days per week is $400 for the full year; 3 days per week is $600 for the full year; 4 days per week is $800 of the full year and 5 days per week is $1000 for the full year.  Fees are invoiced at the same schedule as tuition.

Cornerstone can accommodate the occasional extension your child's daily or weekly attendance.  Please contact the Director for availability and fees. 

Tuition Discounts

Cornerstone School has a limited amount of funds available each year to offer financial support to qualified students.

Financial assistance is offered as income based tuition reduction or scholarship.

Income verification is required.  Applications must be completed annually. 

Please request financial aid documents at time of registration.

We offer a 10% discount for the second child when both children are enrolled concurrently.