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Pre-K - 3 & 4 years old

The Pre-K class is geared toward children who are ready for "a little more". Open-ended materials, walking field trips, and an interactive curriculum bring learning to life for inquisitive minds.

Increasing language development and social skills are a focus in this class. Children must be three years old by September 30 of the current school year.  Our Pre-K consists of mixed-age classes for three- and four-year-old children.

Pre-Kindergarten class focuses on developing many skills such as social, work habits, hand and eye coordination, gross motor, reading readiness, math, speaking and listening, and self-reliance skills.

Every day we are learning new concepts and skills through hands-on activities and play. We provide many games and activities which enhance pre-reading and pre-writing skills. For example: left to right progression, auditory and visual discrimination, receptive and expressive language, fine and gross motor skills, etc.

Students in the Pre-K class use the resources our vibrant community has to offer to enhance the curriculum by going on several field trips throughout the year. These include local walking trips as well as trips off campus. Our trips include visits to the library, fire station, park, apple orchard and a local dentist.

All of our teachers keep anecdotal records and work sample portfolios on every student. Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year where teacher provide detailed information regarding a students development.

Choose 3, 4 or 5 days: M T W Th F 

9:00-1:00, 9:00-3:00, or 9:00-5:30

Pre K Programs

Pre K Programs